The Yusupov Palace, built around 1770 by the French architect Jean-Baptiste Vallin de la Mothe on the bank of the Moika river, belonged to the Yusupov family from 1830 to the 1917 Russian Revolution when it was confiscated by the Soviets and transformed into a museum. Behind a rather austere facade, the palace hosts a grandiose interior. The Yusupov Palace came into fame in 1916 as the stage of Rasputin’s murder on December 16th, plotted by Prince Felix Yusupov who feared the Monk’s increasing power and discredit of the tsarist government.

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If you plan to visit the Yusupov palace, note that the use of a tripod is, frustratingly, not allowed, and that in addition to the fee for taking photographs, they might charge you an additional fee, to their discretion, depending on the photographic equipment you use (professional photographic equipment, if they identify that, is bound to this extra charge...).

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