Smolny Convent (Smolny Convent of the Resurrection or Voskresensky) is located on Ploschad Rastrelli, by the River Neva in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Consisting of a cathedral (sobor) and a complex of buildings surrounding it, it was designed in the 18th century by the Italian architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli who also created a number of Saint Petersburg’s great landmarks such as Peterhof. Its striking sky blue and white colors make it appear as an extension of Heavens on Earth, and it probably is so despite having served as a church for only 78 years. Consecrated in 1835, the church was closed by the Soviet authorities in 1923 and fell into decay for 69 years. The Cathedral has been used as a concert hall since 1982, and the convent buildings as offices.

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