Peter and Paul’s fortress, the original citadel of Saint Petersburg, was founded by Peter the Great in 1703 and constructed from 1706 to 1740, following a Vauban architecture. Established amidst the Great Northern War which saw the Czardom of Russia emerging as the new major power in Northern Europe, putting an end to Swedish supremacy, it was intended to repel a possible counterattack by Sweden. At the heart of the fortress, the Paul and Peter Cathedral was erected from 1712 to 1733. The Cathedral is the final resting place of Russia’s Czars from Peter I to Alexander III with the exception of Peter II. It is also in this Cathedral that the remains of Nicholas II and his family, assassinated at the Russian Revolution in 1917, have been recently buried though some controversy still exists as to whether it is indeed their remains that were found and later interred in the Cathedral.

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