Aruba: Aruba is a Caribbean island in the southern Caribbean sea, close to the Venezuelan coast. Aruba with Bonaire and Curaçao forms the ABC group of the Caribbean Netherlands.  Aruba together with Curaçao, Sint Maarten and the Netherlands are countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, while Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba are an integral part of the Netherlands. Best known for its white sand beaches, Aruba is a dry island with no river and little rain.

Finland: Finland is a country written in Morse code: “.” is a forest, “-” is a lake. Although its landscape is not very diverse, Finland is a beautiful country with nature literally at one’s doorstep. You will find in this gallery pictures of Helsinki and Espoo.

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Iceland: Iceland is set in the world of ancient sagas, legends and tales, with children-eating trolls living in dark caves, elves wandering the mossy lava fields. Whether you believe those or not, one thing is certain; Iceland is a truly Magical place, courtesy of a nature left wild, untamed. I fell in love with Iceland many years ago. It is breathtaking.

Russia: Russia is the largest country on Earth, spanning nine time zones and forty degrees of latitude. It is home to 160 ethnic groups, dozens of languages and a unique geographical variety. Whilst following the fall of the Soviet Union Russia’s countryside could now be considered rather poor and underdeveloped, many Russian cities are fully anchored in the 21st century. You will find in this gallery pictures of Russia’s Saint Petersburg and Novgorod.

Norway: Norway evokes Vikings' sagas, fjords, steep mountains, midnight sun and, not to be forgotten, trolls. Norway is probably first and foremost a country with an exceptional, very well preserved nature, the stage of some of the World’s most beautiful destinations such as the Lofoten. You will find in this gallery pictures of the Lofoten islands.

China: China is an unavoidable destination for many a traveller. It contains countless treasures that are second-to-none. Be it through its people, its cultural heritage, its natural wonders, or its food, China is a place one either dreams of visiting or dreams of going back to. You will find in this gallery pictures of Xi’an and the Terracotta Army, Kunming and Hong Kong.

France: France is a beautiful country. It is uniquely diverse with a wide variety of natural sceneries; dramatic coastlines, flat fine sand beaches, dunes, canyons, alpine and Jura mountains, vast plains, you-name-it! France hosts some of the most famous landmarks on Earth and has a glamorous cultural heritage. Plus, it’s home to the World’s best food.


Japan: Japan combines tradition and modernity unlike anywhere else in the World. A trip to the Land of the Rising Sun is an unforgettable experience, a travel both back in time and forward into the future, cleverly balanced into a very unique Japanese present. You will find in this gallery pictures of Tokyo and the Izu peninsula, Nikko, Matsumoto, Hiroshima, Miyajima and the Itsukushima Shrine.