Marimekko, founded in 1951 in Helsinki, is a Finnish design company particularly well known for its colorful bold printed patterns, like the Unikko (poppy), the company’s signature. Each year in Helsinki, traditionally on Esplanaadi, a catwalk is organized showing the latest cloth design, using both old and new patterns.  The 2014 edition marked the Unikko’s 50th anniversary, originally created by Maija Isola. Pictures from the Marimekko 2014 fashion show can be seen below.

Marimekko’s designs are clearly not everyone’s taste (and in particular, I’m personally not really fond of them ;), however they are truly part of the Finnish identity, something Finns wear and display with pride and that are liked and worn the World over.

At this year’s catwalk my favorites were the black and white dress skirt/shorts with white poppies, the long dresses and the pastel garments.

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